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Project Description
Many higher education institutions have adopted school portals based on the SunGard© Luminis Platform. Luminis provides a web-based view of the campus community and integrates with Banner® Unified Digital Campus. Those organizations wishing to integrate Windows Live @ edu services into Luminis have not had many options until now. This solution describes how the Windows Live ID single sign-on feature can be leveraged within Luminis to provide users the ability to access Windows Live @ edu services, such as Exchange Labs email, with a single click.

This solution provides out-of-the-box functionality without the need for customization. It will enable Luminis to pre-authenticate users and seamlessly transfer them to Windows Live without a secondary credential challenge from Windows Live servers. It is based on the Windows Live Email Portal Integration (SSO) v4.0 SDK available from Microsoft.

This project is provided by St. Johns University. For information on our organization, please visit

We hope the community will expand upon this project and build a fantastic integration story that we all may share! Any feedback and participation is highly encouraged. For questions or comments, please join the discussions for this project. The contributors to this solution intend to monitor the discussions and provide support when possible.

Solution Illustration

Luminis Authentication occurs locally


Proliferate Authentication with SSO


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