Keyword not supported: 'userid'.

Jul 14, 2010 at 3:26 PM

This is actually from a post with a different title, but I was hoping that starting one with this title might elicit some responses.

That error is displayed as the second line of the error that says "Microsoft Live Single Sign-On cannot be completed at this time. Please return to the school portal to access your email."  This is the final display when testing the SSO via the emaildirect.jsp file (click the email icon in Luminis).

If I use the testredirect.jsp file, I get "Authenticated: tester's Live user ID"  displayed followed by the GUID on the next line, and then a button that says Click Here.  Clicking the button yields the "Not enough information for successful redirection" error.

If anyone else has encountered this and found a solution, I would appreciate any assistance.



David Fontenot

Meridian Community College